Our Impact

Your donation to Chunhui Children is both a gift and an investment in the future of China's children.
As an investor, you have the right to see how your money is helping to continue and expand the work of our sister organization Half the Sky, which was founded in 1998 and opened its first programs in 2000.


Taking over the Torch


Since Chunhui Children was founded in 2012, we have gradually assumed the responsibilities of inheriting and expanding the work that Half the Sky started, including the support of the 1,440 employees currently employed. To date, we are only able to partially support these programs. However, with the very generous and continuous support of our donors, we are working towards being fully self-sufficient and further expanding Half the Sky’s work to reach millions more underprivileged children in China.


*Based on historical data and factoring in the quickly changing institutional population in the earliest days of our programs and the wide-ranging impact of our disaster relief, especially in 2008 for Sichuanese children after the terrible Wenchuan Earthquake and children living in 98 welfare institutions across southern China during the Spring Festival Storms.